克兰菲尔德 offers advice 而且 guidance to international students who require a visa to study in the UK.

If you require a visa in order to study at 谁有冰球突破网站, the 学生 Immigration 而且 Funding Team can offer support 而且 advise in the following areas:

  • 学生签证;
  • PBS(学生)受养人;
  • 持访问签证在克兰菲尔德学习;
  • 学术科技审批计划;
  • ca数字;
  • 其他可以留学的签证类别.

学生s coming to 克兰菲尔德 to study one of our full-time programmes, 部分兼职研究课程, 或mg游戏平台哪里下载的学术英语(EAP)课程, 需要申请学生签证吗. 学生s coming to 克兰菲尔德 to study one of our short 课程s or most of our part-time programmes will need to apply for a visitor visa.

请仔细阅读以下信息, 而且 if you have any questions regarding immigration please 电子邮件mg游戏平台哪里下载.


For those arriving in the UK after 11pm on 31 December 2020, (after the end of the Brexit transition period) you will have to apply for a visa under the 学生签证路线 所有国际学生均可使用. You can apply for your 学生签证 within 6 months from your 课程 start date. To apply under the 学生签证路线 you will need to be issued a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) by 谁有冰球突破网站. 你就可以完成你的申请了, 包括身份验证, 使用一款名为(ID Check)的智能手机应用. Some applicants may need to attend a Visa Application Centre if they are unable to access the application, 或者他们没有生物识别护照. 英国政府发布了一份 EEA学生指南 它提供了更多的信息. EEA 而且 Swiss passport holders are exempt from requiring an ATAS certificate for UK study.


The 研究生留学签证 is a new two-year (three year for PhD students) work visa. 持有Tier 4签证或学生签证的学生, who have completed a degree at undergraduate level or above at a UK Higher Education Provider with a track record of compliance, are able to apply to remain in the UK 而且 work or look for work.

IMPORTANT: Please do not submit an application until you meet all the eligibility criteria below otherwise you risk a visa refusal 而且/or losing your application fee.


  • 必须持有Tier 4签证或学生签证.
  • Must apply from within the UK before your Tier 4/学生签证 expires. It is not possible to apply for the Graduate visa outside the UK.
  • You will need the CAS number that you used for your most recent Tier 4/学生签证 application.

总分必须达到70分. 积分将被授予的领域是:

  • 成功完成要求,
  • 资格要求,
  • 在英国学习的要求.

There are also certain requirements to be met for the application to be valid (accepted). 以下部分提供了进一步的信息:

  • 成功完成要求
    • You must have successfully completed the 课程 you studied on your most recent student visa.
    • The University will need to confirm your 课程 has been successfully completed by the date of application. The University aims to report all successful completion to UKVI within 2 weeks of you receiving your pass letter
  • 资格要求

    • This requirement will be met as long as you have successfully completed a 课程 for which you have been or will be awarded, 比如硕士学位, 哲学硕士或哲学博士. PGCert 而且 PGDip awards are not currently eligible under the Graduate route.
    • If the 课程 title changed but the 课程 content remained unchanged you could still meet this requirement.
    • The qualification must have been obtained in the last grant of 学生 permission.
    • If you hold 学生 permission (visa) to cover a 学生 Union Sabbatical Officer position, the 课程 must have been successfully completed within the last grant of student permission to study as a student. Please contact us if you have had 2 periods of student sabbatical leave.
  • 在英国学习的要求
    • You must have studied in the UK for a certain minimum period of the 课程:








由于Covid-19大流行, many students are studying 在线/via blended learning during the last academic year 而且 are outside the UK. 学生s will still be eligible for the 研究生留学签证 as long as they are able to meet one of the following situations:



  • If you started the 课程 in 2020 or spring 2021 through 远程学习 而且 you are entering UK for the first time, you must have arrived either before your student permission expires or by 27th 2021年9月,以较早者为准.
  • If you start the 课程 in autumn 2021 or spring 2022, you must enter UK latest by 30th 2022年6月. 然而, it is recommended you travel to the UK as soon as you are able to do so 而且 not wait until 2022年6月.
  • If you are a student with existing student permission who began a 课程 of 12 months or less in 2020 or 2021, already travelled to the UK during that period of student permission 而且 then returned home for period of 远程学习, you will be able to make a graduate route application if you are present in the UK before the end date of that student permission.


如果你的课程超过12个月, the following periods of 远程学习 will not prevent you from applying for the 研究生留学签证:

  • 2020年01月24日- 2021年9月27日任何远程学习 在英国或海外.
  • 2021年9月27日- 2022年6月30日任何远程学习 海外只.


There is no financial requirement for the Graduate route. 不同于其他签证, you will not need to keep a certain amount of money in your bank account or submit bank statements with your visa application.

You will need to make the following payments at the point of application by debit or credit card:

  • 申请费:700英镑
  • 移民健康附加费:每年624英镑. Master’s graduates will pay £1,248 for a 2-year visa, PhD graduate will pay £1,872 for a 3-year visa.


You should submit a visa application after you have been awarded 而且 meet all the eligibility criteria but before your 学生/Tier 4 visa expires.

Your degree must have been awarded 而且 confirmed to UKVI by the University. The University aims to report all successful completion to UKVI within 2 weeks of you receiving your pass letter. Pass letters are usually processed within 2-3 weeks after the exam board date.

If you have any outst而且ing assessments after your 课程 end date has passed, 你必须记住一个估计的获奖日期. If this is after your visa expiry date, this may affect your Graduate visa eligibility.

For further information about the 研究生留学签证 please see the UKVI 而且 UKCISA 网站.

谁有冰球突破网站 is implementing a range of activities to enable its graduates to take advantage of Government proposals to allow international students to work in the UK after graduation.



自2019年以来, 澳大利亚国民, 加拿大, 日本, 新西兰, 新加坡, South Korea 而且 the United States of America have been able to use eGate entry at the border in 15 UK airports 而且 the Eurotunnel.

If you are a national from one of these countries please note the instructions below:

  • 你有资格使用盖茨, 然而, we will require proof that you entered the UK during the validity period of your vignette (entry visa in your passport). 像这样, please be sure to have evidence such as your boarding pass, 机票或机票预订 available at registration.
  • 类似的, if you are coming for a short period of study less than 6 months or are studying a part-time, 远程学习 课程 then when you arrive on campus we will need to see evidence such as your boarding pass, 机票或机票预订. By using the eGates you will be a st而且ard visit visa holder (please see below)

All other nationalities 而且 visa holders must use the st而且ard entry points 而且 be seen by a border force officer.


mg游戏平台哪里下载提供建议和指导如何申请 学生签证 来自英国内外的学生. mg游戏平台哪里下载还可以帮助办理以下签证:

  • 全日制及非全日制学生学生签证;
  • 博士进修计划;
  • 申根签证;
  • 持访问签证在谁有冰球突破网站学习;
  • 技术工人签证(以前的Tier 2签证);
  • 创业签证(原Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur).


学生s can undertake study at 克兰菲尔德 on a visitor visa in the below circumstances

  • If you are studying a short 课程 of study for 6 months or less
  • If you are undertaking a period of research as a visiting researcher for 6 months or less
  • If you are studying a part-time 课程 of study that is longer than 6 months 而且 meets the definition of a 远程学习 课程. For visa purposes a 远程学习 课程 is one where you do less than 56 days of study on-campus in the UK in any 6 month period.

If your study is one of the above options then instead of receiving a CAS 而且 applying for a student visa then you will instead apply for a visitor visa or if you are a non-visa national you receive one when you arrive to the UK. If you are unclear on the visa type that is appropriate for your study at 克兰菲尔德 please contact the 学生 Immigration 而且 Funding team – studentimmigration@duorecuerda.com.

A visitor visa duration is normally a period of six months. 然而, a 'St而且ard visitor' can also apply for a visit visa with a two, 有效期为五年或十年. 而这种签证将允许多次入境, the maximum duration of each visit will be restricted to six months.

You do not need to apply for a visitor visa before travelling if you are a non-visa national (check whether the country you are a citizen of appears on the 签证全国名单), you can apply to enter the UK as a visitor on arrival at the port of entry unless you have previously been in breach of immigration law or have criminal record/s.

如果你在旅行前没有申请访问签证, you will need to produce all the documents to support your application to enter the UK as a visitor to the Border Force Officer when you arrive at the port of entry to the UK. This includes evidence of the study that you wish to do in the UK as a visitor, an ATAS certificate if applicable 而且 evidence of your finances in order to satisfy the genuineness requirement.

If you are a visa national then you must apply for entry clearance as a visitor before you travel to the UK. 你必须填写申请表并付款 在线 而且 submit the relevant supporting documents, including:

  • 有效旅行证件;
  • Evidence that you have enough money to support yourself while you are in the UK. You need to show that you can pay for any applicable tuition fees, accommodation 而且 living expenses. There are no specific requirements which state the amount of money you must show when you apply for a visitor visa. 然而 you must show that you have enough money to cover your 课程 fees plus accommodation 而且 living expenses. 仅以学生维修数字作为参考, it would be reasonable to show that you have the equivalent of £1,学习期间每月023英镑. If you will be staying with friends or family while in the UK, 哪个会降低你的生活成本, 你可以附上证据;
  • Evidence of the study you will be undertaking 而且 your acceptance onto this 课程;
  • ATAS certificate if this is a requirement for your 课程;
  • All other supporting documents as applicable as outlined in the 内政部关于证明文件的网站 办理英国访客申请. You will also need to provide a translation of any documents which are not already in English.


The fee for a long-term St而且ard Visitor visa depends on its length:

  • 2年——361英镑
  • 5年- 655英镑
  • 10年:822英镑


何时申请 for visitor visa: Within 3 months from 课程 start/attendance date



Puvani Reddy(学生移民和资助经理)
Puvani Reddy